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Photo: Morten Broks / Visit Nordkapp

The winter journey to the North Cape is an adventure by itself. The experience is quite exciting, even if you don't reach the plateau itself. The road is open to traffic all throughout the year, but in winter it is subject to convoy driving. All vehicles will join a convoy to reach the northernmost of Europe. The meeting point for the convoy is at a road junction, some 13 kilometres from the North Cape plateau.

North Cape Tours

In a convoy there will be a snow plow driving in front of all vehicles. The driver of the plow is responsible to clear the road and is in charge of the convoy and may refuse vehicles to follow if they are not properly equipped for the tour. The general rule is that there should not be more vehicles in the convoy than what the rescuers can save.

North Cape Tours has experienced drivers and equipment that is suited to convoy driving. The safety and well being of you as a traveller is our main priority. If you would like to explore and visit the North Cape in winter please contact us for an offer.

Useful advice for convoy driving by courtesy of the Norwegian road department:

- Make sure you have enough fuel
- Keep flashlight, shovel and towing rope easy accessible
- It is adviced to bring warm drinks and some food.
- Bring warm clothes and footwear.
- To avoid icing on the windows use cool air, not warm air on the windows.
- Use emergency lights
- Use fog lights if your car is equipped with this.
- Keep an eye on the car in front.
- Keep steady speed and follow the convoy
- Do not stop your car. Follow the convoy.
- If you do have to stop or the convoy stops never leave your car. This may be fatal.

Behind the convoy there will always be another snow plow or safety car. The driver of the front and rear car keeps contact during the convoy and the front car may stop occasionally to check if all cars are following along.