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A dream come true
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Get close to arctic wildlife
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Sami reindeer herder
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Visit the Northernmost point of Europe
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Going to the North Cape at midnight is a dream come true. Endless ocean, majestic mountains and a chance to see the Midnight Sun at the northernmost of Europe. Join us on a ride through beautiful scenery with reindeer, fjords and steep mountain cliffs.

This tour is a highlight for arctic travellers.

The tour starts in Honningsvåg, next to the local tourist information. We venture through rugged arctic scenery on our way to the North Cape, and will make photo stops along the way. If the Sami family are still awake we will pay them a visit and have a look at their reindeer. Finally at the North Cape we enter the North Cape Visitor center. You may enjoy a spectacular panoramic film, historical exhibitions and the cave of lights. You will also find a snackbar, a restaurant, an exclusive gift shop, a post office and a museum next to an ecumenical chapel.

If the sun, the clouds and the sky allows it we will experience Midnight Sun at the North Cape. Regardless, the iconic globe, the North Cape visitor center and the majestic cliff is there to be explored. And just being there, at the northernmost of Europe, standing on the plateau of this famous cliff, overlooking the endeless ocean, facing north, knowing that this place was percieved as the end of the known world, is a truly an amazing experience.

You get to enjoy spectacular scenery, visit a Sami family and to experience reindeer up close. We will make view stops along the way. All entrance tickets included.

- A midnight journey to the northernmost of Europe
- A long stay time at the North Cape Hall
- View stops as you travel through picturesque scenery
- Visit to a Sami family with traditional outfits and reindeer
- Experienced drivers for your safety and comfort
- Entrance ticket to the North Cape Hall with access to panoramic movie, Cave of Light and historical exhibitions

Practical information

Duration: 3 hours
Meeting time: 15 minutes prior to departure. Your chosen departure time is printed on your traveller's document.
Meeting place: Tourist information in Honningsvåg, next to the cruise pier. Your bus is marked "The North Cape Midnight Tour - line 406"

Welcome to a Midnight excursion to the norternmost of Europe!