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..when you are stuck.

Travelling to the North Cape in winter often means dropping by Honningsvåg. If you go there with Hurtigruten you make a port of call in the very center of this lovely little arctic town before heading off to the North Cape itself.

However, sometimes the roads are closed due to snow and wind. This means you might be stuck in Honningsvåg for a couple of hours.. or days if you came by road. But don't panic. There are several possibilities and we will let you in on a little secret: If you get stuck in the arctic, Honningsvåg is the place to be. There are loads of opportunities.

You might want to visit West of the Moon, a delightful little gallery right in the center of town. Tons of colorful art and gifts will make you forget the closed roads and snow blizzard outside.

And if you continue the walk up the street you will find the local church, the only surviving building after the Second World War, used for accommodation, bakery, childbirth and games of cards just after the war. And if you really want to dive into the history, why don't you drop by the local museum? You will find the history of the place to be rich and fascinating.

As you explore the town you might pass one or two pubs as you tumble along the snow driven roads. Do drop by for a chat with the friendly locals. They are used to travelers and always enjoy if you drop by.

Finally, being stuck in Honningsvåg does not mean that you need to seek shelter. As you explore the streets, galleries and pubs, you will find that the town itself is quite safe and interesting. You are experiencing an arctic town in the midst of its everyday life in winter. It is well worth the visit.