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Photo: Morten Broks / Visit Nordkapp

It is important to prepare well when you journey into the arctic. Weather and road conditions may change on a short notice, especially in winter. We have prepared some practicial information for your visit.


The weather is always in a state of flux, always changing at the North Cape. It can shift from sunshine to overcast in an instant, from strong winds and back to calm again. Therefore it is important to take precautions. Check the weather forecast. Please contact us or the tourist information in Honningsvåg if you have any questions.

Subsea tunnel

The North Cape is located on the island of Magerøya. You must therefore pass through a underwater tunnel if you travel by road. There is no fees to pass through the tunnel.

Road and conditions

Most roads in our area are of a modern and good condition. The last stretch of the road to the North Cape has a steep incline, many curves and narrow lanes. Our drivers are highly experienced and will always prioritise your safety and comfort.

Mobile phones and internet connection

The North Cape area has a good coverage for mobile phones. Wireless internet is available at designated areas.

Water and sanitary conditions

Most of our vehicles are equipped with onboard toilets. Most sights and attractions have restrooms available. If you need access to water please contact your driver or guide.

Groceries and pharmacy

There is a pharmacy and supermarkets located in the arctic town of Honningsvåg. Please contact us if you need to drop by any of these.

Ease of access

Most facilities are suited for easy access. The Noth Cape Hall has a lift and wheelchairs. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Winter clothing

It is important to dress properly in winter. To make your stay in the arctic as comfortable as possible, we recommend that you dress for the conditions. Bring warm and comfortable clothing. The use of wool or similar quality is recommended. Wear several layers of clothing to easily regulate the temperature by removing or adding layers. It is recommended that outerwear is lined and windproof. If you intend to stay outside for extended periods of time, we recommend the following: Winter shoes, gloves or mittens, hat, winter jacket and trousers that are windproof, woolen socks, long underwear and a thick sweater, preferably of wool or similar quality.