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Ready for the ultimate adventure? Visit us in the midst of winter!

You will be stunned by the polar night, the raging snow blizzards and the endless white plains of winter. Make sure you are well prepared. Still, it is impossible to tell you what to expect. The warm water of the gulf stream heats up these areas. So mild winters are common, but the weather keeps changing, with strong winds sweeping across the arctic scenery.

You might catch a glimpse of daylight if you visit in December, but no sunlight as you explore the unique wildlife and remote destinations. Scattered along the coast you will find fishing villages, inviting you in to share and explore everyday life. And then there are the sights and attractions, The North Cape or Nordkapp in the native tongue being a obvious one.

Regardless you will need several days to explore. The journey might be interrupted by closed roads or storms for days, and you might get stuck somewhere on your journey. But the friendly locals will always offer warm hospitality, being travellers themselves for centuries. And sometimes everything is still, the ocean is perfectly quiet, and the aurora is dancing before your eyes, filling the entire sky.